Immerge trains individuals and groups to take up their professions to new heights in a global market. Training takes place simultaneously in three arenas in the apprentice’s life. Want to learn more of the three areas of training? Contact us to learn more.

Business in any nation requires an understanding of cultural expectations that both you and your host nation consider “normal.” Food with friends is an open door to enjoying a visit.

Which foods are eaten with utensils or with your hand?

Which foods are eaten with utensils or with your hand?


Hospitality is offered to guests in many parts of the world. People will offer what they have and invite you to enter into friendships.



Families are a blessing throughout the world
Families are a blessing throughout the world





How do families function in other parts of the world? Family units teach us a lot of how people find their place and purpose in life.


Village Hospitality
          Village hospitality at it’s best!



 Learn to make friends locally before you venture into their nation with your business.


 Every seed that is planted successfully needs the soil prepared, watered, and nourished. What is your part in planting seeds in other communities that build toward a healthy future?

Food Preparation in North Africa

Food Preparation in North Africa


Every land has specialities in food and understanding how their community functions.


Cultural expressions remind us we are learners

All of us will observe new aspects of culture. Some aspects we need not enter, others we need to enter. How do you know the difference?





Vast Cities

Some cities are vast with needs you can meet!

Our desire is to keep the attrition rate low, and for workers to thrive in their calling. The real cry of our hearts is, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (Hab 2:14). God wants the world to know him as you and I do. This requires workers that are sent with the equipped background and experience needed to accomplish God’s purpose. No training system can cover all unforeseen circumstances. But each worker needs to be equipped as possible and also able to know the questions to ask when facing new tasks.


Harder Areas

Some areas of the world are remote and require preparation to enter and become a person that brings health.


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