God’s Heart and Mandate for Mission

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The purpose of this book . . .

My goal in writing God’s Heart and Mandate for Mission is twofold. My first goal is to help the Body of Christ understand God’s love for all people and His teachings on how each believer must express that love to others. Missionaries who have lived many years in a given location, as well as those embarking on their first journey, benefit from a fresh understanding of biblical missiology. My second goal is to produce a text that can be easily understood, translated into other languages, and taught by others.

Many of my thoughts come from working among unreached peoples. It is my sincere prayer that the knowledge of God (theology) within each of us compels us to take the gospel, the Good News, to new regions and to people groups who have never yet known the joy of God’s forgiveness nor heard God’s invitation to become a member of His family.

Bruce Heckman, Immerge, Inc.


Bruce brings a lifetime of sharing Jesus with people of many different nations to the reading of the Bible. The grand story of God’s love and concern for the nations is evident on every page as he walks the reader through the history of God’s interactions with humanity. This book will help all readers develop a biblical missiology that propels them to share the Gospel with all nations.

Jonathan Bornman, Eastern Mennonite Missions Christian/Muslim Relations Team, Peacemakers Confessing Christ

If you would read the Bible fifty times, carefully taking notes to find the meaning of the whole, and if you would sell your possessions and live for twenty years in the Middle East to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ where the need for God’s love is so great, and if you would go to graduate school to study the Bible and culture with one of the greatest missions faculties ever assembled, and if you disciplined your mind to write every day for ten years on every book of the Bible, and if you would devote your heart to the art of moving your readers to examine themselves to see whether they are obeying the upward call of God, then you might have what it takes to put together a masterpiece, like Bruce Heckman has in this book. Here, for our generation, is a biblical theology of missions and kingdom that will inform the young and remind the elders of the glorious unity of the Bible.

Robert A. Blincoe, PhD, US Director, Frontiers

A true “Biblical Theology” of Mission, Bruce unpacks Scripture from Genesis to Revelation to reveal God’s amazing plan throughout history. A very insightful read that centers mission in the context of the Kingdom of God. The stories of the Bible become understandable when seen through the lens of God’s mission. If you want to know why you are on the earth, or why you seem to feel there is something great you should be able to discover about your future, you need to read this book. It will help you make sense of what God is up to and why the most exciting thing you could do with your life is to get involved.

Barry Wissler, President, HarvestNET International

God’s Heart and Mandate for Mission is written by a man who has dedicated his entire life to the process of seeing the nations come to Jesus. Bruce is not just another author. Bruce is an ongoing practitioner who continues to increase his knowledge and experience working single-mindedly to both engage Muslims in his community as well as to mentor younger leaders into the mission of the Kingdom. As I read God’s Heart and Mandate for Mission, I was drawn to this book’s discussion of suffering. The reality of suffering as a way of life for most followers of Jesus in the Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu worlds is barely recognized or acknowledged in western Christendom. If the Word and history are indicators, suffering is something we should learn to expect, and learn it quickly. This book is a must read for Kingdom conscious followers of Jesus.

Francis Patt, CEO, Frontier Ventures

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